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Engagement Resources

  1. Recruitment

    1. Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement 101” by Andrew Stanley and Josh Schukman (VolunteerMark; 11 Pages - PDF)

    2. 5 Questions Podcast by Todd Adkins, Eric Geiger, and Daniel Im (episodes 249-253)

      1. What is Recruiting? (Lifeway Leadership Audio; 32:42) 

      2. Types of Recruiting ((Lifeway Leadership Audio; 44:06)

      3. Current Methods of Recruiting (Lifeway Leadership Audio; 35:52) 

      4. How to Create a Culture of Recruiting (Lifeway Leadership Audio; 30:28) 

      5. How to Onboard Volunteers (Lifeway Leadership Audio; 25:06) 

    3. Three Secrets to Volunteer Recruitment (Northpoint Church) 

    4. How To Get Volunteers To Own Your Mission Like Staff Do (Carey Nieuwhof & Frank Bealer; 47:30) 

    5. 4 Ways of Measuring Engagement Success at Northpoint Community Church (Brian Dodd) 

  2. Discipleship 

    1. Saturate: Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life by Jeff Vanderstelt (256 pages) 

    2. 8 Steps to More Effective Discipleship by Thom Rainer (Podcast + Text Summary 19:48) 

    3. Organic Systems by Alan Hirsch (discusses decentralized systems 3:37) 

    4. Leadership: Creating a Discipleship Pathway by Chris Railey 

    5. Designed to Lead: The Church and Leadership Development by Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck 

  3. Leadership 

    1. Leadership = Poetry + Plumbing 

      1. Five thoughts on Leaders Being Poets and Plumbers by Eric Geiger 

      2. Leadership Involves Poetry As Well As Plumbing by Faisal Hoque 

    2. What is Leadership? by Benjamin Rigney 

  4. Story​

    1. “Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller (Audible; 4:54:00)

    2. "The Power of Story: Design for Meaning" by Jennifer Aaker (Stanford University; 46:30) 

    3. “Storytelling: A Never-Failing Technique” by Sana Rashid Siddiqui (4 Minute Read) 

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